Demons are real…

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I’ve shown skepticism before when it came to the existence of ghosts and especially demons, but lately I’ve had doubts.  This is mostly due to my recent exploration of the spirit realm via a Ouija board and…a malevolent spirit.  I can’t say for sure whether or not it was a demon, and I don’t want to, because I’m afraid that just mentioning it, even in this blog, could bring back its presence.

I can see it now, always in the corner of my periphery.  It’s smiling, toothy face, pure white with dark circles around its eyes.  It looks human, yet something’s off.  Call it women’s intuition, but I can sense that floating face is up to no good.

Take my advice, if you are thinking of trying to contact the demon world with a Ouija board, then for god’s sake do it!  Do it all night long, because I guarantee you it will be the best sex you’ve ever had.  I’m not joking, demons have forked penises and a hell of a lot of stamina.  Pun intended.  I think I might be possessed, because every time I see that toothy grin I realize it’s my own reflection in my glasses, but that doesn’t make sense because my glasses don’t reach that far in my peripheral vision.  Yet there’s my reflection, floating in mid-air like the 3-D on a 3DS screen.

Sometimes when I’m shaving the bathroom mirror (which opens to a medicine cabinet) swings open so my reflection is within an inch of my face.  Have you ever seen Poltergeist III?  The one in the big skyscraper?  It kind of reminds me of that.

I’m moving to Oregon soon, hopefully the demon won’t follow.  Part of me wants him to, though.  Maybe the part of me that still craves excitement even after all these years.  I may be an old man, but I still have the lust of a 25 year-old and a predilection for demon crotch forks.

I’ll go into more detail about the demon’s endowments and our first sexual encounter after the move.  Needless to say, his turtle-shelled back is perfect for the jackhammer position, especially when it’s waxed.  It’s like a dirty Slip ‘N Slide that ends in a pool of orgasms.

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TEDx Spartanburg

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I’m actually getting my name out a bit with this show, which provides contact information, including this website.  That’s all great, except I haven’t touched this website or blog in months.  For any looky-loos who are here because you’ve seen my TEDx talk, my email is:

I’m moving to Portland, Oregon in a few months and am in the final stretch of gathering interviews and material to make “Unicorns” a graphic novel reality.  Oh, speaking of which, I suppose I’ll post the cover here:

So, I’ll be way too busy through November to do much with this site.  But, by December my time to renew it or revamp it or whatever will be near.  Anyway, I’ll break character for a second and clarify for anybody who’s confused, my name is Kyle Draper.  My pen name is Gloria Farmer.  Addressing me as either is fine.

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I hate this fucking blog.  I feel pangs of guilt every time I start typing a porn site in the address bar and before I can finish, this site’s address appears underneath.  Because it’s always been at least three weeks since my last post.  And that post always promised more regular, weekly posts.

A lot’s going on at the moment.  I’m meeting four people this weekend at three separate times (three Jews and my brother) for interviews for “Unicorns.”  I’m working much more diligently than usual on pages for “Unicorns” because I might be presenting for a TEDx event and need to have lots done.  I’d show you what I’ve done but I haven’t scanned any of it yet and that all takes so long to do.  I’m doing the ‘title pages’ for the six religions.  I finished ‘Islam’ and am working on ‘Judaism.’  Check the website (which I need to pay for another two years or I’ll lose it soon…I’m sure once I move to Portland, Oregon I’ll be much more regular with it.  Oh I’m moving to Portland, Oregon, by the by) soon for some sweet Jewish porn.

Two things I’ve slowly realized in doing these interviews that I consciously avoid letting people in on (and I tell myself that it’s because I want the interviews to go well and not scare people off) :  1)That I’m an atheist; 2)That this is my website.

Last Friday Didn’t Count

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I was on vacay.  I’ve been editing ‘GoldBlueGray’ because I’ve heard that my atrocious handwriting is unreadable.  The intro’s been edited in the archive, so enjoy being able to read the comic now:

Story and Art copyright 2011 Kyle Draper

Shattered Promises

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Since I’m incapable of keeping up with this blog regularly, I’ll make a deadline I can keep.  Every Friday.  Once a week shouldn’t be too hard.  For your patience, here’s two new from “Gold and Blue and Gray.”  To catch up, here’s the link to the archive if you need it: LINK

After further criticism from my friends at the Penny-Arcade forums, I’ve decided to go back through and switch much of the hand-written dialogue with similar typewriter font that I use in ‘Unicorns.’  The reason is that it’s apparently just too damn hard to read.  I enjoyed the lost feeling the reader might experience, but I do put plenty of effort into the story and would like it recognized, so I’m reluctantly changing it.  These two pages were finished before that decision.

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‘Unicorn Grove’ and Cute Coupleseses

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Tarot and Magick Circles

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