Wed- 3:12 PM to 3:28 PM

I’m looking for ways to get an audience to the site, because updating regularly is meaningless if nobody’s looking.  I found a nifty site last night called Webcomics Nation.  Free site for posting comics and commenting on others’.  Also, I realize the way comics are displayed on the Applecore is archaic, but I’m not a genius coder.  (I mean for God’s sake, technically I should consider all this computer technology witchcraft, I am from the 1100’s).  Point being on I can post all the same stuff, but it’s presented in a nice, sleek, functional way.  Personally I prefer my way, but I am what the Roman Catholic church would call a “heretic.”  So take that with a grain of salt.

The link to this so-called website is in the links section on the right.  Nothing there at the moment, but it will be updated with on Fridays (my site will most likely be updated on Tuesdays as well, and interesting quips from me every day on this blog, so really you have no excuse but to come back every single fucking day).


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