Thurs- 3:28 PM to 3:51 PM

Whew.  What a day.  I’ve been working tirelessly to get stuff ready for that Webcomics Nation site.  But my internet access is severely severed so I’ve been searching the plains of yore for some free fucking wi-fi.  I finally ended in the local…book tavern.  You know, where you can borrow books as long as you have your library…scroll.  I met a dude there.  Said his name was Richard.  He looked intelligent, but not too snobby, so naturally I inquired as to what he was reading.  He responded “Oh, this is one of those medieval romance novels.”  Well, taking the opportunity to show off, I was like “Oh yeah?  I know a little about that.  Go ahead, quiz me!”  He laughed and was like “All right, who was the knight who betrayed King Arthur?”  I screamed “That was just a fucking story, it never really happened!”  and I stabbed him in his thigh (that was as high as I could reach;  my  hands were full with my laptop, shield, and Vente Two-Pump Vanilla, Non-fat, Extra hot Latte).   Long story short, I’ll have the Webcomics Nation site running by the end of Friday.

I couldn’t wait, though, so I’ve gone and updated Gold and Blue and Gray a day early.  Just click on the “Latest Comic” link on the page for the comic, and scroll down.  I’m not sure if I should have the link go directly to the new comic panel, or have it start at the top and you scroll down.  Suggestions?

PS:  My VCR wouldn’t play the UPexx VHS tapes, so I’m constructing my own.


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