Fri- 12:32 PM to 1:00 PM

My search for a decent wi-fi accessible spot continues… While traveling down a well-trodden path with tall, hundred-year old trees lining my right and a mighty rushing river to my left, a wagon pulled by and a sad, dusty old horse came creaking towards me.  Hand on my sword hilt (you can never be too careful) I offered a lift of my helmet face-plate-thingy (that’s what knights used to do to show they were not enemies, which through the years turned into the salute.  See it’s a similar motion.  Wilson from “Home Improvement” is a pretty smart guy).  The wagon slowed and I saw the driver clearly.  He was a short, wrinkly dude with a funny-looking hat.

“Howdy, stranger,” he said.  “The name’s Bosch.  Hieronymus is ma’ first name but you can call me Ronny.  You interested in buying some art?”  I, being a fan of the arts, was all like “What’ve you got?”  He took me around to the back of the wagon where my senses were assaulted by a gigantic triptych of the most horrendous, Godless images I’ve ever seen (and I fought in the crusades). The massive landscape was peppered with tiny little people.  On the left it was kind of boring, Adam and Eve or some bullshit like that.  The middle and the right?  Jesus Christ, people were having sex and freaky little creatures were anally penetrating some folks while others had bats flying right out of their asses!

I was like “Holy shit!  Why aren’t you being burned for heresy right now?”  He was like “Are you kidding?  I do this shit all the time for churches.  The priests are like ‘Holy fuck!  That’s some creative motherfucking shit!”

I asked if he had free wi-fi and he said no.  So I went on my way and eventually just stole some off a guy with an unsecured network.      I updated the comic again today, this is where it starts getting good.  The about and preview section of the Gold and Blue and Gray page will have cool stuff in them next week.  Let’s say the preview page by Tuesday, and the about page by Friday. And of course by the end of today the Webcomics Nation page will be updated.


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