Mon- 12:00 PM to 12:06 PM

A friend of mine went crazy with drugs yesterday and had a car chase and died when police shot him.  He had knocked over a Seven Eleven.  He wasn’t a close friend, I mostly knew him because he owned a store and I was going to make a sculpture out of a wooden post that was in the lawn in front of the building.  It was going to be a 4-foot tall, concrete, Tim Burton-esque cathedral with stained glass windows, a clock, and a steeple.  I was actually heading over there either later today or tomorrow, to let him know I had to wait until it got a bit warmer so the concrete would set correctly or whatever.  Then I read about it in the news.  I was kind of shocked, but it’s only now really setting in.  You know, going back through thoughts of conversations we had and random smiles and pleasant tone of voice, then trying to picture that same guy with a rifle getting shot down by police on the road.  World is such a fucked up place, then you have these other people trying to pretend it isn’t, censoring the creative output of artists for…what?  What reason?  Do they want some kind of suspension of disbelief where people don’t say and do the bad things portrayed in film, literature, comics, music, etc.  “It’s for the children.”?  God knows the reasons people do and say horrible things have never changed:  drugs, extremism, madness, horrible pasts and childhoods, terrible family-lives and terrible parents, fucked up governments, wars, drugs, parents, drugs, parents.  But no, let’s make sure we put an “Adults Only” rating on that video game or an “X” rating on that movie.  You know, to protect the children.

Funny thing is I wasn’t going to show the guy this website, cause he was religious and I didn’t want to offend him.  Ha.


One Response to “Mon- 12:00 PM to 12:06 PM”

  1. Did this happen on Henry St?

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