Mon- 1:53 PM to 2:04 PM

Isabald turned me on to this Twitter and Facebook stuff.  Now whenever I visit this chap I kind of have to check reality at the door.  See his house is on the luxurious side.  Literally, I mean there’s an alternate realm one might encounter if they, say, surround themselves with luxuriousness so immense it literally transports them to another plane of reality that some call “The Luxurious Side.”  A plane where expensive-looking molding exists on every convergence of every wall and holes with shelves exist in the walls with hand-carved busts of Greek philosophers.  It’s like approaching the black monolith at the end of “2001 A Space Odyssey.” Or basically any scene from “Barry Lyndon” (Kubrick fan). What I mean is, while looking into the pearl screen of his diamond-encrusted Apple computer monitor, I realized there was a whole social-gathering world online of which I was unawares.  So long story short I have a Twitter account, which I’ve yet to use or even peruse, and I plan on a Facebook.  Whatever I can do to get any kind of readership, because my ultimate goal and the whole purpose of this is I want to eventually be published and make comic books for a living.


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