Mon- 2:30 PM to 2:39 PM

I’ve decided to go crazy and post an entire page this Friday (I was going to post it tomorrow, but honestly I do have a little bit of this comic done, but I fear getting to the point of having a deadline to draw several panels).  BTW a “page” is exactly 12 panels.  I’m arranging them differently on the site for convenience’s sake.  I’m really excited to draw this comic though.  Some people criticize this surreal, random, stream-of-consciousness way of writing, usually incorporating symbolism in place of strong characterization and whatnot, but I’d argue that symbolism and all that other stuff have just as many merits;  or, if not as many, at least very strong merits.  How much more interesting and surprising when you really don’t know what’s going to happen next?  I’m typing random thoughts because I’ve been drinking, but anyways my original point stands.  I’ll post more when I’m drinking because while I’m drinking I enjoy the result.  Cheers.


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