Tues- 3:19 PM to 3:32

Okay, the truth:  I’m not Gloria Farmer.  This is hard for me to admit, okay?  I just…I wanted to assume a new identity for this blog.  I’m more comfortable not being me, you see?  So…I killed Gloria Farmer.  That’s right.  I was Gloria’s former lover, Flint Chesthair.  Gloria and I used to paint the town red together, back in the old days.  It was 3 years ago that he betrayed me.  He had always been a fan of my stories.  Who wouldn’t be?  With characters like the ones you’ve been reading about, who wouldn’t be hooked?  After a night of passionate love-making, I fell asleep and he stole the comic from me.  I’ve been searching for him ever since.  I had to do it.  But don’t worry, I’ve already legally changed my name to Gloria Farmer, and to tell you the truth, I’ve just been acting like myself the whole time anyway.  See the real Gwayloria Farmer wasn’t like me at all.  He was kind of boring.  Always carving wood on his porch.  And, I mean the comic was mine from the start anyway, so this really doesn’t change anything.  Nevermind.

I updated the comic.  A whole 12 panels Friday.


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