Fri- 12:01 AM to 12:32 AM

Today at work I cut my finger open.  I won’t tell you where I work, I’m under contractual obligation.  But I didn’t notice until I couldn’t pull my fingers apart.  They were fused with dried, tacky blood.  Then I looked down and saw the bloody hand print on the metal bin of my workstation.  At this point I was in a panic, because I have a crippling fear of band aids.  If the supervisor became witness to my blood trails then surely I would be condemned to don one of those foul, off-pink, sticky strips from Hell.  5 minutes.  That’s all the time I had to do something before the supervisor came by for her hourly check-up.  So I went to work.

I placed my middle finger, currently void of blood, between the open metal door and the edge of the bin.  After pinching most of the skin off the tip, I had enough red liquid for another hand print.  Not enough.  So my ring finger was next, and then of course the pinkie and thumb.  I was getting light-headed and couldn’t see the clock.  I tried to take my pocket watch out but it kept slipping between my plasma-wrought hands.  Deciding to say “Fuck it,” I continued smearing the bins with more and more vital fluid (I used a thesaurus to get all these different blood words). After twenty minutes I started to wonder if the supervisor was even coming.  But I don’t quit when I set my mind to something.  After another twenty minutes I began to stumble with exhaustion at what I can only imagine was a serious lack of hemoglobin.  So I leaned against the wall behind me just as the supervisor popped her head around the corner.

She asked if everything was good here. I said Oh yeah, I think.  Luckily my hands were behind me against the wall.  She glanced at my bin and gasped.  “Oh,” she said, “that’s a beautiful painting of a red flower.  Is it a Georgia O’Keeffe?

Uh, Yes,” I said, “I painted it to…represent woman’s struggle in the workplace.” She applauded my sympathy with her sex’s struggles and gave me a raise.  Of course now, ironically, I make more than the women I work with.

Tomorrow: an entire 12 panels of the prologue and something will actually be in the About section of the Gold and Blue and Gray page.


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  1. I think, This is best technique.

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