Tue- 1:15 AM to 1:30 AM

Writer’s block is an ugly thing.  It’s like vomiting in the front yard after holding it in while your friends drive you home blasting Primus.  But luckily for me instead of getting writer’s block I get what’s known in some circles as “civil war syndrome.” Let me explain.  I was never in the civil war.  I mean I hail from the 1100’s, so obviously I would have been dead by then.  What I’m talking about is the tendency to resent my parents for raising me in the church, and drawing inspiration directly from that resentment and feeling of being brainwashed.  Creative juices dry up, however, when I get around an ex who brings this religious literature by the cottage (I live in a cottage.  Did I mention that?) and I just get so turned on by that sexy black Jesus on the cover.  Fudges my whole creative process up, is what it does.  Hell the only way I can get it going again is by fucking that dude while he reads aloud the passages about sanctity of marriage.

Speaking of that, he’s getting married next week in South Carolina!  I didn’t think they’d ever allow gay marriage, I mean for God’s sake they were the last ones to adopt Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  Or maybe he said South Korea.  I tell you he is one gorgeous Korean mother.

And I promise I’ll update the about page of the Gold and Blue and Gray page (the “home” site of this blog, by the way for newcomers, is http://www.applecorecomics.com) but I have been working on Twitter and on getting those blasted UPexx tapes to work so I can show you.  And also, of course, working on the about page.


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