Fri- 1:03 AM to 1:27 AM

One cold January morning, 1103 AD, in a small stone house on the riverside in the country of Medievalville, the baby to be named “Gloria Farmer” was born into this world.  His mother decided the moment she saw him that she was glad the abortion didn’t take.

-Excerpt from Gold and Blue and Gay: the Tale of Farmer.”

Which one of you fuckers sold me out, huh?  I went into work today and was immediately accused of being an illegal immigrant.  I told them “Alright, look, so I haven’t technically gotten a green card and no, I don’t actually speak much English and yes, I’ve been aware of some terrorist plots for some time now and maybe, just maybe helped plan most or all of them but I can explain everything.”  Luckily the fire alarm sounded which funnily enough distracted everyone while I set the place ablaze.

I don’t feel much remorse because just below the pile of steaming ashes and bones that was the warehouse I discovered a still working VCR that seems capable of playing the mysterious VHS tapes with the discombobulating words “Property of UPexx” on them.  Tell you the truth I have a feeling there just might be a new Circle of Hell labeled by…say…MONDAY. Or Tuesday.  Go to the link THE APPLE CORE on the main site (click the HOME button in the menu on the right) when it’s up and you’ll be able to watch the videos.  Or at least see some nifty character bios and stuff until I get the videos up the following Friday. And I really will update the About page of Gold and Blue and Gray’s main page, I just figured getting this Upexx thing up and running was slightly more important.  Or at least time consuming.


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