Mon- 1:02 PM to 1:42 PM

Wow.  wow.  What…..a weekend.  I just…I need a second here.  Okay.  Okay, now, I’m gonna need to make this a two-parter, cause there just ain’t enough time to get into the whole thing now.  Let me start at the drugs.  Not hard shit, just some weed and lots of ale.  First thing I remember after the party started was opening my eyes and my hands being wrapped around the waist of whoever was currently on top, riding me like a bull.  I don’t want to get into too many details here, let’s just say a very attractive woman and a very attractive man were taking liberties that I was more than willing to give (I was fucking their brains out and vice versa).  This went on for a while, while I sort of came in and out of consciousness (no pun intended).  That’s not even the interesting part!  (I’m not a big fan of exclamation points.  I mean they convey that you’re excited about what you’re saying, or maybe that you’re yelling…I’m not sure.  They are a little less annoying than ALL CAPS, and I do use them in comics all the time, but that’s more like a nod to the old-school comics.  Did you know that in the original “Superman” comics every single word he said had an exclamation point?  I think I remember reading that.  Oh, but I digress).

Either we were finished or taking a break, but when I came to again everyone was chilling out playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Which was weird because the room we were in looked like it was the dungeon of some castle.  Big, blueish stones and shackles hanging off the walls.  Anyway, I was Mario and the other two were toads.  Me and the guy are still arguing over who actually said it, but one of us suggested we could use a fourth player to be Luigi and the woman said she had a friend upstairs.  She hopped up (still bare-ass naked at this point, by-the-way) and started skipping up the stairs.  That was her fatal mistake, which I think she made just because she enjoyed the rhythm of her bouncing boobs.  See, she slipped at the top step.  The stairs weren’t that tall, but it’s a moot point when you fall straight on your neck on a straight-up stone floor.  Needless to say her neck was broken and she was dead.  Blood-everywhere.  But that’s not even the really interesting part of the story!  To be continued.

There will be a new circle of the Apple Core to be clicked on tomorrow.  Not too much will be up on it, but I’ll be adding more stuff to it every day this week, leading to Friday when you can view the Mysterious UPexx Videos.  So look forward to that.  And keep checking back.


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