Wed- 1:41 PM to 1:56 PM

Walking along a torch-lit hallway I began to grasp the severity of my situation.  Not only were these tapestries centuries old, but on them were woven the history of my ancestors.  Turning the corner through the arched doorway he turned to me and asked  “Which door shall you choose?”  The three intricately-carved wooden monstrosities stood before me, each with an enormous stained glass window looming above it:  One with the design of an orange grasshopper;  One with a devil holding a trident made from teeth;  and the third was the one I chose.  Of the window, I cannot describe for lack of the memory, suffice it to say that as I stepped through the door, I knew that I was gay.

-excerpt, Chapter 4 of “Gold and Blue and Gay”

Some may have noticed that on Mr. Pickwick’s Applecore there is a brand new link (on the main site, just click the HOME button in the menu on the right). Of course there’s nothing there yet which, like I said earlier, I’ll be adding more each day this week until Friday when the VHS tapes will be up for your viewing pleasure.

And if you haven’t already, check out the comic Gold and Blue and Gray which updates every Tuesday and Friday.


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