Thurs- 3:12 PM to 3:26 PM

Okay, alright, we are…we are on track with the new comic, er, videos.  Now I want you all to go to The Applecore (link to the HOME site in the right menu) and check out the new page titled FANTASTIC BENEFITS. Yes, I can see it all slowly coming together.  See, I actually wrote this tale first, and was even going to title the main website “”  Then I found out there was already a “” and a real company to go with it.  So I adapted.  This is going to be the story of a delivery company (with no actual ties to UPS or FEDEX by the way, lawyers) and the inhabitants that dwell within it.  Of course, since the company operates directly out of one of the circles of the Applecore, it is very Hellish in its mannerisms.

By the end of Friday, or probably more accurately very early Saturday morning, the actual videos will be up for your viewing pleasure.  I’m cutting the creation of this story very close to posting it, so I’m going to set up a deadline of every Friday for this one.  Gold and Blue and Gray will of course continue to update every Tuesday and Friday.  Nature of the beast I’m afraid.  And since by the end of the week I’ll have the new comic up and running, I’ll be swinging back into creating the About page for Gold and Blue and Gray.  Of course now I have an “about” page, “characters” page, and “preview” page to create for the new comic.  Shit.

Meet Jeff and E. Manuel:


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