Fri- 1:33 AM to 1:48 AM

Back when I was on the run from the Inquisition and being aided by the Freemasons, if somebody told me that close to a millennium later I’d be typing on a laptop, sipping soy-eggnog, and jacking off to Obama’s “HOPE” poster, I probably would have been skeptical.

I think I need some help with this social internet thing.  I suck at “Twitter,” and this blog was doing well but readership has dropped substantially.  Isabald says I’m too impatient and just to stick with it.  Yeah, easy for him to say.  That bastard’s got it made.  He invented some kind of computer chip thing like ten years ago and then the millions he made from that he invested in Double-Stuff Oreo’s.  He’s one smart cookie.  Speaking of which, I’m going to be going on vacation in about two weeks.  I’ll tell you all about where and what in the coming week along with pictures and maps and all that good stuff.  But my original point was that Isabald will be taking over blog and comic-posting duties until I get back.  But that won’t be for two weeks so don’t worry.

Gold and Blue and Gray is updated once again.  And I must admit, things get a little weird at this point (sorry Molly).


2 Responses to “Fri- 1:33 AM to 1:48 AM”

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  2. Stick with it, they’ll come!

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