Mon- 2:50 PM to 3:04 PM

THANK GOD!  I got the motherfucking videos working.  I uploaded them to the site, though as of this writing they haven’t shown up on the actual internet yet.  The OLD Gloria Farmer would have been cussing up a storm and thrashing about like the waves around the ship while the Apostles cried “Surely drowned shall we be!” But the NEW Gloria farmer is calm and serene waiting for the pages to upload, like the waters after Jesus spake, “Peace, be still.” Speaking of which, sorry I didn’t actually update this site with the new comic (titled Fantastic Benefits by the way) until just now.  But now that I’ve got the VCR working correctly, I shouldn’t have a problem uploading the new videos every Friday.

I just checked again and the links are still not working, but I’m cool.  I’m cool.  I have to go meet up with some people to work out the smaller details of the excavation, er, vacation I’m taking in two weeks, so I won’t be back to check on the links until tonight.  Somebody let me know if they’re not working (go to the HOME link in the menu on the right, to the Applecore, the link called Fantastic Benefits, and click on the VHS tape).

Check back tomorrow for the next installment of Gold and Blue and Gray.


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