Wed- 4:25 PM to 4:40 PM

Annnd the website is nnnnnnnow……..fixed.  That’s right, I took my cajones and Monteclaire’s and we put our cajones together and also our brains and we fixed the probs.  And, that’s right ladies and gentlemen, not only is Gold and Blue and Gray updated with the new panels from Tuesday, but Fantastic Benefits is FINALLY up.  Just go the the old Apple Core on the main site and click on the new link to the UPexx page.  And lo and behold, the video is there for your viewing pleasure.

Just for any confusion because Isabald said he didn’t quite get what was going on in the comic, by the next update (not this Friday but the following one, because of all the technical difficulties) I guarantee it will all start coming together.  Incidentally if anyone actual reads the comic on Webcomics Nation I haven’t been updating once again because of the problems with the site.  But now that it’s fixed, I will continue updating not only “Gold and Blue and Gray” but also post “Fantastic Benefits” on that site.  And soon after I get back from vacation I will be attempting a foray into Facebook if for no other reason then to whore myself and the website out.

I also must admit that the first panel of the Gold and Blue and Gray update is one of my favorites I’ve done.  Here it is for shits and giggles.

And seriously, stay tuned this Friday. Even though “Fantastic Benefits” is staying as is till next Friday, “Gold and Blue and Gray” is updating as well as some sweet details about my mysterious foray into the Egyptian wasteland.  Ooooooooooo


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