Fri- 3:50 PM to 4:13 PM

Here’s me back in 1982 in the Egyptian Desert:

There I am waving.  That’s the hut we stayed in.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about that excavation and how we left it…unfinished.    Sorry I can’t go into more details at the moment, but the very same team we were racing against to unearth the…whew, almost gave it away.  I meant the team we were racing against is now preparing to go back, just like we are.  Don’t worry, there isn’t anything dramatic about what we’re searching for.  No fate of the world crap, just that it’s worth lots of cold hard cash. And it’s really not what you’re thinking at all.  I mean, I’m only guessing, but you probably might imagine it’s some Egyptian artifact like in the beginning of “The Exorcist” when the old guy finds the small statue of the wind god.  I guess I’ll just let your imaginations run wild for now.  I swear I’ll send postcards and keep you updated on exactly what’s happening.

I’ve blocked the whole opposing excavation team from reading this blog, so I can safely tell you that I’m planning on sneaking into their camp and sabotaging them somehow.  I know, I know, that sounds mean and dirty.  But you’d understand if you knew who the others and I were dealing with.  Let’s just say it’s somebody from the old days. I don’t want to name names, but he is the one who disbanded and kind of hunted down my old crew (you know, Knights Templar, and all that.) Well, cat’s out of the bag now.  That’s right, the leader of the other excavation team is none other than Philip IV of France.

“Philip the Fair,” psssshhhh

Anyway, I fear I’ve said too much already.  Again I won’t be leaving until Saturday, Feb 13th.  At that time my cousin Isabald Monteclaire will be taking over posting duties until I get back.  I’ll be sending him updates to show you, so somebody contact me if he’s not (I’ll be checking my email, I’m pretty sure there’s a pyramid with wi-fi I can connect to over there.  Contact info is in the menu on the right).  I’m not sure the length of this “vacation,” but you better be sure I’ll stay as long as it takes (or after two weeks is up, whichever comes first).

And of course go look at the latest Gold and Blue and Gray update.  The prologue is nearing its end, which of course is actually the start.  Of Chapter 1.  At that point.  And if you haven’t already checked out Fantastic Benefits (all these accessible by clicking the HOME link in the menu on the right) do so now, because it’s going to get pretty good.  I’m tellin’ you.


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