Mon- 11:41 AM to 11:54 AM

I’ve had a few emails exchanged with a comic book artist who’s work I admire.  If some of you aren’t familiar with the “Xeric Grant” I’ll fill you in.  It’s a grant presented to comic book artists who wish to self-publish their stuff.  What you do is you send in the required info such as copies of your near-completed or completed comic and your plans on self-publishing, etc.  If you’re chosen you get a grant to help you get started.  Simple as that.  I’ll admit I’m going to try for it when I’ve completed one of these comics I’m making here (if publishers ain’t interested).  Anyways, enough about me, the point is this dude is one of the recipients.  His comic’s called “Within the Rat.”  He’s posting it up on, so you can take a look at it over there.

Tomorrow more Gold and Blue and Gray, and Friday more Fantastic Benefits. And of course by Saturday yours truly will be off to Egypt, so look forward to some blogs from Isabald Monteclaire (that’s one person, by the way.  A friend of mine said he thought Isabald was a different person than Monteclaire.  Silly noodle).


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