Thurs- 1:09 AM to 1:20 AM

Pssss…..hey……HEY! I can’t talk long.  I’m sorry I didn’t post earlier but something’s up.  What?  You can’t hear me?  That’s because I’m whispering you dolt.  See, I’ve been tracked down by Philip IV (see a couple blogs ago) so I had to go into hiding.  It’s kind of weird, though…I had to hide in my attic.  Problem is, that’s where the ghost who has a thing for me stays.  He said I could stay too, then winked at me, and the walls started bleeding.  I’m not sure, but I think in ghost talk that means he’s horny.  You know, like in manga when a dude’s horny his nose bleeds…ssshhh, I hear Philip…………What’s he saying?….Oh…shit, they’re leaving early.  They know we’re headed to Egypt Saturday, so they’re leaving Friday.

Damn.  I can’t leave tomorrow, I promised the ghost I’d play poltergeist (again, I don’t know what that means).  It looks like I’m gonna have to move the schedule forward a bit and leave Friday.  I don’t think Philip’s using the same excavation crew as last time, either.  I swear I saw the whole cast of Skeletor’s clan from the movie Masters of the Universewalking behind him. You know, the little guy with the hook and I think a lizard, a hot chick, and some robot or something.  This guy’s good.  Hey, maybe I can bring the ghost.  That should even the odds.  I have to go now, the ghost keeps motioning towards his movie collection.  I see...”Lost In Translation“…huh, I figured he’d have a problem with Bill Murray.


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