Hello.  My name’s Isabald Monteclaire.  I’m doing this as a favor to Gloria.  He left sometime this morning.  He made the post already.  Here it is:

4:23 AM to 4:50 AM

Forgive any typoszz we’re ina caravann and ti’s really bujmpy .  Ii actuallly left  around midnight last…oh good, we stopped…last night and we’ve already arrived in Egypt (we rode in a small plane, trust me it’s faster).  For anyone not sure what I’m talking about or why Isabald introduced this blog, quick rundown:

in 1983 I was a part of an excavation in Egypt searching for a lost treasure.  My team was racing to find it against another excavation team, headed by Philip IV of France.  The treasure was never found, and now both our teams are headed to Egypt to be the first to find, once and for all, the missing…well, I’ll tell you what it is when my team finds it (more details and pictures in a few blogs down).

Philip gathered some shady characters for his team this time around.  I, on the other hand, believe in fair play.  Nah, I’m just kidding.  I brought the horny ghost from my attic with me.  He can go through fucking walls and shit.  Seriously.  He walks in on me in the bathroom all the time.  Him and my old team from back in the day with me leading?  We’re gonna kick so much ass.  I’ll have lots of pictures and stuff over the next two weeks.  Isabald will post them when I send them, mostly because I promised him he can have the blog every Wednesday when I get back to..I don’t know, get things off his chest I guess.  It’s not easy being a rich bastard these days.  Anyways, the caaravan’s sttarting baack up now.  Oh, I alm ost frogot, Gold andn jBlue and Gray and Fantasstic Benefits are going to update midnight-ish tonight.  Isabald ssshould postt something gtto go along withh  it .    God damn itt it’s hott.

Look forward to talking with you all.  Monteclaire out.


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