This is a long one

Yes.  There is a title.  And yes.  It is a penis joke.  Gloria sends his regards.  He says he apologizes for not mentioning this earlier but:

“Egypt is a day behind the USA, so Gold and Blue and Gray and Fantastic Benefits updates are actually updating Saturday night at midnight.  Sorry for the confusion.”

Frankly that sounds suspect.  I promised Gloria I wouldn’t post until he updated, though.  So I’m posting now.  You may have many questions for me.  Am I rich?  Do I live in a fabled land called the Luxurious Side, as Gloria mentioned?  Do I even exist?  All these questions and more will be answered.  Next week.  For now here’s the post Gloria has already prepared:

By now I suppose Isabald mentioned the time difference.  Again, sorry for any confusion.  But let me tell you, this latest update is worth the wait. I mean, speaking from my own point of view.  This shit took a long time. The Fanastic Benefits update, that is.  But because you’ve been so patient, I’m gonna post some of my favorite panels from it.

Just to name a few.  And this is the prologue.  I haven’t even gotten to the intro yet. I’m telling you, this is some good shit.  I won’t post Gold and Blue and Gray, cause then why would you check it on the site?

Ah fuck it:

Oh, uh, some of this is NSFW, by the way.  Seriously, it is fucking hot over here FYI.  I hope Isabald is enlightening and entertaining over the coming two weeks.  Watch out.  He’s got a fucking mouth on him.  I can’t wait to update you on what’s going on.  I mean, not much has yet.  I got drunk at the Egyptian bar and a fight broke out.  But you don’t want to hear about that.  You do?  Alright.  Tell you what, a few snapshots were taken by my buddy Flint Chesthair (same name as my former one, small world huh?).  I’ll send it to Isabald Monday.  Oh, so that would be Tuesday there.  Gotta keep on top o’ that.  Anyways, soon as the digging starts I’m sure the shenanigans will as well.  Look out for all the crazy details comin’ your way.  And seriously, check out Fantastic Benefits. Personally I think Jeff’s kind of hot.  Like a big snuggly teddy bear.  But I digress.

I don’t know what you see in that guy.  I could tell you stories.  And I will.  Next week.  Monteclaire out.


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