Big Mistake

Probably one of the largest mistakes Gloria makes is no links.  Not one.

Mistake #2-  No Links

Again, common sense.  Not only does he not link.  In every post he tells you about Gold and Blue and Gray and Fantastic Benefits. Then says to click the HOME link in the menu on the right.  Apparently he doesn’t realize that, for example, I could say “Check out the new Gold and Blue and Gray update.” And voila.  You click it, you’re there.  I know all of you know this.  This is more for Gloria’s sake and to ridicule him.  That link works by the way.  There’s a new update.

I suppose telling of the Luxurious Border Patrol wouldn’t hurt.  They look strikingly similar to those police robots from THX 1138:

They have all sorts of tools for patrolling this land.  I suppose Gloria might call these tools “kinky.”  They do tend to be on the erotic side.  Not 100% sure why.  You could probably picture it if I leave it at that.  You don’t want to be pulled over by them.  In fact my old rival J.F. Armorby had a bad experience with these fellows just last June.

He had been sending his corporate thugs to try and sneak over here and find a way in for him.  He decided after numerous failed attempts that he could do it himself.  Oh ho, he was mistaken.   I won’t detail his humiliation.  I will tell you that golden dildos may have been involved.  It’s also Luxurious Border Patrol policy to use these tools only once.  The subdued suspect is forced to supply the cash for new ones.  You see now, of course, why I don’t mind telling you about the Luxurious Side.  You’d never try to get there on threat of horrible and quite expensive anal penetration.  Monteclaire out.


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