Gloria wins at cards

Gloria had the nerve to call my titles “stupid and boring.”  I think they’re literal and descriptive.  Different strokes.  Here’s Gloria’s post from Saturday.  I was busy.

I think I’m going to change the Fantastic Benefits deadline (see, I can link too) to MONDAYS. I seem to have developed a tendency to update it Saturday or Sunday as opposed to Friday, so this just seems to make more sense.  To summarize, Fantastic Benefits updates MONDAYS, while Gold and Blue and Gray still updates TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. Hey, this gives you more reason to come back more days of the week!  Both of those were updated this past weekend, by the way.  Check those out if you haven’t already.

Anyways, the real reason you’re even checking this blog is to see what we’ve been up to in Egypt, not Monteclaire’s bullshit, am I right?  Well…we haven’t actually started digging yet.  We plan to Monday, I swear.  See, when I said that Philip IV‘s team was having trouble?  Well, it actually wasn’t a prank that was pulled (I’m saving that for when we both actually begin excavating).  It all happened during a friendly game of cards.  Gin rummy, to be exact.

(There I am playing cards with that tacky bastard Philip in his tent.  We’ve each got our right hand man.  Me with the randy ghost and him with that hook-handed guy from Masters of the Universe)

I’ll just tell you straight:  Philip was kicking my ass. To be honest I wasn’t even sure how to play gin rummy.  I thought we had to strip.  That’s why the ghost is down to his boxers.  I was wondering why Philip and Karg looked at me funny every time I told the ghost to remove a piece of clothing.  I used my knights’ intuition to save face and figured out how the game worked from context clues.  Once I knew, man there was no stopping me.  By the time the game was over I had won Philip’s tent, Jeep, crown, and that hook-hand guy’s massive wig.  The ghost said it made me look like an 80’s hair metal singer.  But I digress.

We didn’t really need a tent so we just torched it and went dune-hopping in the Jeep.  Kind of lost our way, actually.  In fact, that’s sort of the reason we haven’t started digging yet.  We have no fucking clue where we are.  The ghost and I (who’s name I recently discovered is Randy.  Some things just make sense) have had to set up camp out here among the dunes with no idea how to get back.  I’m sure we’ll be fine, though.  We’re heading toward what looks like a sort of mountainous formation.  We’ll probably be there by tomorrow.  Randy ghost doesn’t believe me, but I swear I keep hearing this steady thumping rhythm the closer we get to the small, jagged mountain structure.  And about an hour ago, I heard a terrible screeching noise, like some kind of large…wait, the ghost is signaling to me from the distance.  WHAT?  I CAN’T HEAR YOU.  Is he running?  Hey…what’s that behind him?  Oh God.  It can’t be.  It’s….AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I’m sure he’s fine.  I guess he’s updating that comic every Monday now.  Tomorrow, more Gold and Blue and Gray.  Also some more info on the Luxurious Side.  Monteclaire out.


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