The Pixelated Luxurious Side

Something you may or may not have noticed.  In nearly every post since I took over…I mean…assisted…this blog, there has been a picture.

Mistake #4- Not enough pictures

I’m not saying Americans don’t like to read.  I’m just saying they’re much more likely to if a nice, pretty picture takes up some of the space.  Nothing wrong with that.  Gloria does run a comics site for goodness’ sake.  Having said that, I should put a picture up here.  I don’t have one pertaining to my post, though.  I’ll just throw something up here I guess.

Anyway.  Have you ever had that fuzzy feeling in your gut?  If you saw something or heard something that triggered a memory of your childhood all wrapped in nostalgia?  That’s what every day is like in LS (Luxurious Side.  I’m tired of typing it). There are many a difference between this place and your own.  Care to know them?

I suppose if you were riding on a bus and caught a glimpse of a gentleman picking his nose, you’d be put off?  Well, in LS, our noses occasionally fill with a crumbly peanut brittle.  Picking it out is a cause for celebration!  If I saw that same gentleman here, I would sit next to him and ask politely to partake in his nose brittle.

Another thing you might find endearing are our video games.  Unlike your world which is obsessed with the next big breakthrough in “graphical quality,” in LS we have focused on and perfected the simplistic yet powerful style of 8-bit.  Archaic, you say?  My friend, that was spoken in ignorance.  My world is simply ahead of yours in every way.  It wasn’t until the time of the impressionists that Western artists began to comprehend the beauty and subtle grace of Eastern and African art and how, in truth, it was miles ahead of their own.  In the next 20 years your video game creators will realize that very same thing.  Only then it will be all too similar to the painting world when modern art hit the scene.  The general public will be taken aback and unable to understand why video games have taken this direction.  “My kid could program that!”  They will proclaim in their ignorance.  Alas.  Such is life in the Non-Luxurious Side.

Oh, here’s the LATEST COMIC for Gold and Blue and Gray.  Monteclaire out.


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