Where’s Monteclaire?

Oh…my head.  Where the fuck is Isabald?  I checked this site yesterday and there wasn’t a fucking Friday or Saturday post.  He disappeared and I have no memory of the past two days.  Wait……………….something’s coming back to me.  Ssss…ex?  Sex.  I had sex.  Who did I have sex with?  Wait wait.  I’m in the middle of the desert.  The trip’s a bust.  I was with the old lady.  Was it the old lady?  It wouldn’t be the first ancient lady I’ve boned.  I’ve been around in my time, let me tell ya.  Uuuhhh….no.  Wait.  Where did the Fremen go?  We were gonna start this big war and take back the planet or something.  Or was that a book I read?  Wait a secon…d…….What the?  There’s- there’s trees out there.  There are trees.  I’m in a tent.  In a b…backyard?  I’m, I’m sorry, I know I’m not making any sense.

Okay.  No desert outside the tent.  What is that about.  And why do have the same feeling I had that one time I took way too much acid.  Um…What about…the treasure?  The old lady, she, she told me about the treasure.  She said where it was buried.  She told me some kind of a riddle.  Something like

If you know what that means, leave a comment and tell me.  I can’t promise I’ll be able to approve the comment, at least not until I figure out where I am and what happened.

Gold and Blue and Gray. Was updated Friday.


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