It’s All Gone To Shit

Well…I’m back.  I have to say, it’s very possible I never left.  See, Sunday when I posted I found myself in somebody’s backyard with a killer headache, and also a cat.  Yes.  A cat.  Now, the cat’s not very important to the story, but it was awfully cute.  And it’s lying next to me right now.

Anyway.  I was five streets over from mine.  And I smelled awful. Like I hadn’t showered and possibly had been using the bathroom in unsanitary places and ways.  My initial thought, of course, was that I had been on a massive drug bender for two weeks and thought I was in Egypt.  But maybe that’s what Philip wants me to think.  Either way, I’m never getting that treasure.

Hmm?  Wait, I’ve got a comment from a DIAPERSWIPER16.  He wrote:

In Your In All…in your inall…in yourinall=  IN URINAL!!!”

Wow.  It’s a stretch.  But it just..might….work.  C’mon kitty, we’ve got some urinals to investigate!


PS: Gold and Blue and Gray has just been updated.  Fantastic Benefits…I’m workin’ on it.  No no, chill, hear me out.  See, I said I’d update Monday, and now I’ll get it done tonight.  When I said I’d update Friday, I got it done Saturday night or Sunday.  So, in conclusion, the official update time will be Monday, but the unofficial time will be Friday.  That way, I’ll get it done Saturday night or Sunday and technically be ahead of schedule!  BOOM!


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