Canto XVIIIII (in the mouth of the beast)

The hue, which coward dread on my pale cheeks imprinted when I saw my guide turn back, chased that from hers which newly they had worn, and inwardly restrained it.  She, as one who listens, stood attentive: for her eye not far could lead her through the sable air, and the thick-gathering cloud.

I, having not but respect and love my mother bearing, did heed and lead into that great abyss called “Junior High.”  Inside, my brethren, yet not my brethren, for looks scorned fell upon me in the innocent gaze and “dorky” appearance in which I dwelt.  Hark, what misery dwelt there!  Teachers, a weary life, forsaken, on the backs of students did heap their despair and disappointment with their lot in life.  And students, so full of hatred and anger, did aim mostly their rage at those of us whom, in our ignorance, “stood out” from the crowd (this one kid named ‘Dante’ was really picked on).  And don’t get me started with lunches in the cafeteria.  They tasted like shit!

-Excerpt from Chapter 6, Gold and Blue and Gay


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