Wake Me Up With Your Genius

Hi.  I swear I’m not getting into the habit of skipping days.  I’ve been busy with a few things.  First of all, recently posted what some call a “Reader Soapbox” on the site SpartanburgSpark.com.  Here’s the link.  Secondly, I’ve been spending a lot of time on a site called DeviantArt.  Readership lacking and all, seems like a nice place in which to expand.  Here’s that link: (My Deviant Art site).  By the way, if you can’t see much of the “deviations,” it’s because I’m required to warn if there’s ‘nudity’ and such, which I didn’t notice before but I draw a lot of nudity.  All you have to do is turn the naughty filter off.

Oh, because of that SpartanburgSpark post, visits shot the hell up yesterday.  In case, once again, there’s any confusion, the main site that links to this blog is linked in the menu on the right, called HOME.  I really need to link it in a more obvious way.  Maybe I’ll just put it at the bottom of every damn post.

The biggest reason I haven’t posted this week is that once again, my lapped top is being viciously attacked by viruses.  I’m actually posting this with a borrowed computer.  That’s also why there aren’t any images in this post.  Otherwise I’d post a larger version of the image from the ‘Reader Soapbox’ of me deep in thought, with my favorite movie on the poster behind me.

Update (updated yesterday, but just in case you didn’t know): Gold and Blue and Gray.  That link is to the archive, which now seperates the ended prologue with the newly-starting Chapter 1: The Incantation of Mayonezu Kuchibiru.  Hopefully, all this virus business will be sorted out by Friday, so I can post the next exciting installment.

The last bit of news is that I’m moving.  Not far.  But it has caused all my materials to be separated from me for a spell, so Fantastic Benefits, unfortunately, is still in production limbo until next week.  Once viruses are gone, stuff is moved, and everything’s settled, I’m going like fucking gangbusters on that shit.  You’ll see.  I think I’ve got a pretty good thing goin’ here.  If not for the world, than at least for me.  And that’s what really matters.  So I’ll keep this shit up.  Got it?



2 Responses to “Wake Me Up With Your Genius”

  1. olleh ~

    What wonderfully weird comics you have, in a good way mind ya. Yup, virus buggers are all around these days, it’s unfortunate. I must admit that I’ve been using my super-sleuth-cyber-detective skills to figure out who the hell you are exactly, to no avail. A good mystery is, well, good, but you seem to of come out of nowhere. Of course this leads me to believe you may not even exist in actuality, though maybe not a figment of my own imagination, but of someone else’s in which some kind of symbiotic cellular mitosis has occurred allowing you to transpose your thoughts into the interweb realm somehow. When a local ‘zine comes up on the horizon I do hope you hop aboard. Until then, it’s curiouser and curiouser, I declare.

    • I’ve gotta say, definitely my favorite comment so far. Of course I haven’t gotten many. I do love a good mystery too, so I’ll leave you to it. And a collaboration on a zine is not only doable, but it’s the opposite of ungettable. Some might say adventitious. I’m saying that’s a good idea. There are only two places I can think of around here that would possibly carry a zine. Maybe three. Greenville has more possibilities, I think.

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