Man Bites Dad

Again, sorry no image.  Issy always complained about that.  Speaking of Isabald, I haven’t seen or heard hide or tail of that guy.  He was supposed to take over Wednesdays.

It was brought to my attention with the last post’s comment that I haven’t said that much about my personal life.  Well, I’ll spill the beans on one very large issue to which most can relate:  My father.

I wouldn’t post a picture even if I had my top of lap.  We haven’t spoken in…well, actually, it’s only been two weeks.  But it’s usually not pleasant, let me tell you.  He was not a happy man when he learned of his son’s way of life.  I’m not even talking about being homosexual, either.  That guy’s as flaming as they come.  No, I’m talking about when I joined the priesthood.  Didn’t I ever tell you that?  No?  Well, Catholicism aside, it was all one big sloppy mess.  I was really into this friend of mine, who apparently had no idea.  I dropped enough hints.  What would you think if you came home one night to find a close friend of yours had painted a marvelous abstract expressionist scene over your entire lawn and the front of your house and on one side of your dog?

Personally I can’t think of any better way to get across one’s sexual desire and lust than deep, passionate red brushstrokes laced with seductive ribbons of pink.  This guy?  Psshh, not a clue.  Anyway, he was about to join the priesthood, and I, like a fool, wanted to impress him.  I won’t get into the icky details, suffice it to say Catholic peeps and I didn’t quite see eye to eye.  I ended up getting in a fistfight with the grand wizard or whatever you call him and got booted out before I could even get to first base with that sexy priest motherfucker.  My dad had an oddly similar experience years before, apparently, and had forbade me to ever go within ten feet of a Catholic church (um, BTW, dad was never aware of my service in the Crusades, so….down-low, kay?).

Reason I even bring him up is that he’s coming over this weekend to help in the move across town.  Things will probably get pretty tense.  Here’s hoping there aren’t too many pissing contests.  Virus attacks notwithstanding, hoping also for a smooth Gold and Blue and Gray update tomorrow.


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