Trying To Figure Out This Thing Called Love

Gene Wilder is probably my all-time biggest crush.  I don’t think there’s anything sexier than his face when someone says Frau Bleaucher and the horses cry out.

I’ve been struggling to get a good schedule going here.  It was just so easy when I had access to the internet at home.  Amazing how fast we get used to new conveniences.  I mean replacing a horseshoe, feeding from a bag, and saddling up, and then riding for hours used to be par the course back in my day.  Of course my lover and I were into some kinky shit back then, in the 90’s.  I seriously did get back to work on Fantastic Benefits.  I just haven’t updated the page yet.

OH!  Forgot to mention, that Art Mart I talked about earlier is actually April 10th, if anyone cares.  I’ve been working on this rap scene with the Spanish Inquisition for Gold and Blue and Gray, and really want to get it done by then.  See, I’m going to print out new zines and they’d be so much better with that scene included.  Anything I don’t sell there (which I’m assuming will be quite a large number of zines) will be sold on Etsy.  So you would actually be seeing quite a lot more than has been posted on the site.  Speaking of which:

Gold and Blue and Gray

I can’t wait until you guys get to see the clown brandishing a dildo.  That’s coming up..sometime this month.  Hey, when I really get settled and start pumping out pages, these will post much faste…kssshhhhhh……kkksssshhhh (static) wwwwhhhiiiirrrrrrrr…..


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