The Spanish Inquisition’s Righteous Tunes

Hi.  First off, I don’t expect you to forgive me.  I only ask that you CHECK THIS SHIT OUT:

That’s the start of the Spanish Inquisition Gangsta Rap portion in Chapter One of Gold and Blue and Gray.  There are a few more pages in the story before it gets to this part.  This is a special sneak preview of the sweet shit in the zine I’m printing out before this weekend.  It’s kind of taking the place of a regular update right now, since I didn’t come prepared with the normal update.  So the next panels after last Friday’s update are coming this Friday.  Trust me, this whole comic makes perfect sense eventually.  Really.

I’ve got to get something off my chest.  While my dad was vehemently against the church, my mother (who raised me the other half of the time) was quite a church supporter.  Well, I never quite told her my current religious stance, and last night I was confronted about it by her.  This of course leads to the question:  does my mother know I’m gay?  No.  Never told her that either.  She was a great mom.  But I have a feeling if she knew I was gay, she might not be the best mom in the world.  Which begs the question, does that make her a bad mom in general?  I mean, how can you have one and ignore the other?

There are quite a few biographical movies with some protagonist who conquers something or other.  Like “A Beautiful Mind,”  for example.  The problem is the time periods in which some of these movies take place.  Often, some of the main characters’ not-quite-as-appealing traits are overlooked.  What I’m getting at is these people are often extreme racists.  But that’s not talked about.  Why?  Because how could we, the incredibly enlightened people of today, like them at all?  If 24-7 they’re spitting hate speech.  We can’t.  Because you can’t have one and ignore the other.

I’m not saying my mom was hateful towards homosexuals.  Well…put it this way, say she was flipping television channels and saw two guys kissing.  The standard mom reaction would be to yell “Aaaahhhhh!!!!,” turn the channel with a grand disapproving gesture, and go on to explain how disgusting it all is.  So, take that as you will.

What was I talking about?  Something about religion.  Aw forget it.

(stole from  Didn’t really want to google image search and find porn while connected to library’s internet)


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