That’s what it takes to read my fake blog.  But good things come to those who wait.  BEHOLD!

A whole new page!  Now, the reason for my absence last week is that I was working on (and succeeded) getting the zine completed for the Art Mart this past Saturday.  What that entailed was not only formatting all this and trying to convince Kinkos to actually print this smut, but also drawing up to literally the last second to try and get as many pages as possible done.  Even took Friday off work for God’s sake.  So.

The actual event was fun, I’m told.  I wasn’t there personally, took a day of boozing to forget the past week.  But my good friend Kyle and his wife (he says he’s straight now.  HA) took the liberty of attempting to sell all this, once again, smut.  For anyone who actually bought the thing, read the website on the back, and is now reading this, ‘preciate it.  Those buyers of the zine actually have seen much more of Gold and Blue and Gray then regular readers of this site.

Don’t feel bad though, regular readers, because in a mildly stupid accident I left out one page in the zine.  It’s okay, the story still makes sense enough.  The page missing actually turned out to be the one posted above.  So all they’re missing is the information that Glory will eventually be crushed by a flyswatter.  They do know, however, that the flyswatter will be brandished by a fascist.  Oh.  But you guys didn’t know that yet.  That’s the next page.  Oh well, now you do.

Anyway, now that I have a fair number of those zines printed (not quite all folded and stapled yet, but printed) I can finally focus on an Etsy page and try and get rid of them!  I would urge all interested parties to stay tuned and, when the time is right, do the right thing and buy one (I’m making absolutely no profit, though recouping printing costs would  be nice). I’ve been selling them for $2, so it’ll be $2 and whatever else for shipping.  Or maybe $2 in all.  I don’t know.

That wraps up my shameful return to my week-long ignoring of my faithful readers (all 6 of you).  Sorry about that.  But, and I know I say this all the time, Fantastic Benfefits will begin updating once again.   Let’s see, I need to continue updating “Gold and Blue and Gray,” get back on track with “Fantastic Benefits,” get an Etsy page up and start selling zines, finally put something on the character pages for GBG and FB, keep this fake blog interesting and entertaining (to the sick-minded at least), and look into this so-called comic convention that Rich Ponder told Kyle about at the Art Mart…Oh, Rich.  He had some nifty digital art and photography, and has dabbled in comics as well.  He said something about a convention in Charlotte.  June maybe?  I’ll check into that.  Anyway, last thing I was gonna say was since it takes much more time to get to free internet places, I’ll be changing my blog schedule around.  Sunday,
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  Sound strange.  Well it is.  but it works for me.  I realize this is a Monday but I didn’t want to make you wait longer.


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