Funny Story

The rage consumed me.  The rage I knew I had inherited from my father.  He would always throw his plate of spaghetti against the wall and shout “My kingdom for a decent dish of pasta!” Dreadful rage.  The wind was cool on my naked body, my feet holding me firm to the marble dome of the city council building.  The townspeople huddled below me on the ground,  cowering at the sight of my massive erection, silhouetted against the blazing red sky.  And they cried out with one gigantic voice, “You have convinced us, Gloria.  McDonald’s will serve breakfast until 11:00 AM instead of 10:00.  Now for GOD’S SAKE put some pants on!”

-Excerpt, Ch. 21: Gold and Blue and Gay

I think…I think… the fact that the very middle of the zine (where the staples reside) consisted of this page, and so a passerby would most likely see these panels first…that may…may…have hurt my sales a bit.

Gold and Blue and Gray

Not to apologize in any way for the content, because it completely makes sense (in my head) with the story and goes with the tone.  But…let’s see, the fact that with a comic you can turn to any page and possibly see violence or sex out of context, that may dissuade some folks from a purchase.  That’s unfortunate, considering that context is everything.  Most would think “Clockwork Orange” was a smut film or something if you just watched the rape scenes.  Anyway.

I finished the “Fantastic Benefits” update (which isn’t updated yet, it will be Monday) so you can rest assured it will actually be done.  Oh!  I finally go the Etsy thing up and running.  I did it like 20 minutes ago, so the zine for sale may not post on there for 24 hours, but you can see the shop.  Not much to it really:


So I must repeat.  The zine contains quite a bit more than is currently on the website (the panels above are about halfway through). Not that I’m pacing this site that slow, I just drew like gangbusters to get enough pages for the zine over the past 2 weeks.  So if you’re all for supporting a supposed artist, do me a huge favor and buy one.  My ultimate plan is to get a readership that I can point out to publishers and say “See?  People like it!” The zine is $2 plus $1 shipping.  So $3.  Not bad atall.


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