7:38 PM

It’s come to my attention that Monteclaire is up to something.  I was driving around town earlier today and several people asked me what the secret to Christianity was.  I ignored the first few, but got annoyed after a while and when the fourth person asked the same damn question, I jokingly said “Mary wasn’t a virgin, she was actually impregnated late one night unknowingly by a grasshopper!”  You know, just something random to get the person to leave me alone.  Imagine my suprise when they gasped, fell to the ground, raised their hands to the sky and screamed “I knew it!”  I mean what the fuck.

I need to admit that I’m behind on the next Fantastic Benefits update.  But it’ll be up tomorrow.  This is just a test.  I’m in a battle, you see, and the overall war will either be won by me or procrastination.  We shall see.

I’ve never shown you a picture of Monteclaire, have I?  Well seeing as he’s been such a dick lately



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