Double Update (because I’m late)

First off

Fantastic Benefits

And secondly

Gold and Blue and Gray

There are only so many hours in the day.  Speaking of hours in the day, I was asked by a coworker when “Gold and Blue and Gay” was finally going to be published.  It just so happens that I’m meeting with a publisher later this evening over a candlelit dinner for two.  Oh, if you’re a new reader, Gold and Blue and Gay was an autobiography I wrote some years ago.  Not to be confused with Gold and Blue and Gray, which is the comic I updated directly above.  Got it?

Anyway, you may be asking why I and a publisher will be romantically dining while discussing my book.  I’ve always lived by the phrase,

If you want to get to the top, you’ve got to fuck your way there.  And always pull out.”

That was the last advice my mother gave me  before she joined that cult.  I haven’t heard from her in awhile.  It’s not a bad cult.  It’s more like a grammar cult.  Like for example when I use way to many commas, (which, I do often), then I receive odd trinkets in the mail meant to symbolize following the true path of proper English.  Anyway, once I’ve sealed the deal, by that I mean fucked his brains out, I’m pretty sure the publishing thing is in the bag.  Call me over-confident.  I’ll let you know how it turns out, but I’m pretty sure, there’ll be a book signing, coming, near you, guys soon.

Hmm…There seems to be a melted carburetor in my inbox.  Good old ma.

(I had no idea how to spell carburetor.  Just trial and error until I didn’t get the red underline)


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