What Has That Crabs-Infested Leech Been Saying About Me?

Seriously.  This has got to stop.  I’ve had it up to here.  I’m on my last nerve.  I’m done.  Finite.  It’s over.  That’s the last straw.

I’m talking about Monteclaire, by the way.

Gold and Blue and Gray

There’s just only so much I can take.  15 people!  That’s how many have started following me wherever I go!  I mean, most people would be freaked out by 1 stalker, m i right?  Well I confronted one of these 15 weirdos and you know what they told me?  “We follow the one true Christ!” I’m almost sure Isabald Monteclaire is responsible for this atrocity.  Do me a favor, if you see him, tell him h….kkkksssssshhhhhh (static feedback) wwwhhhiiiiirrrrrrr…..

….ksssshhhh….Hello.  This is not ‘Isabald Monteclaire.’  My name is …kkkssshhhhh….Many of you have seen my kind before.  We go by the name “Grasshopper” in your native tongue.  Yes.  I am one of the grand, chosen race.  The Jews were never the chosen people.  And Christians and Muslims both have their wires crossed as well.  It was always the mighty Grasshoppers who were to reign over all other beings in God’s plan.  Look into my eyes and SUCCUMB!



…KKKSSHHHHH…..You are now under our control, just as Monteclaire has been for the past two days.  Don’t believe me?  I can control much more than just your minds.  I predict that the water in all your showers will run cold tomorrow morning, and your toilets will take 2 FLUSHES!!!  MUHAHAHA…







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