I’ve Come

To a decision.  Earlier today as I was rushing to get yet another late Fantastic Benefits update updated, I realized something.  I think doing 2 comics at once doesn’t work for me.  Hear me out.  I’m mainly doing Gold and Blue and Gray, if that isn’t obvious.  And because of that I’m constantly thinking about that story.  Any movie I watch or person I talk with or video game I play could inspire something in the story because it’s on my mind.  The problem is that I hardly ever think about the other one.  That causes me to be very uninspired and therefore put off making the damn thing.  So anyway, I’m putting “Fantastic Benefits” on hold and focusing mainly on “GBG.”

What does this mean for you?  Well I’m glad you asked.  FanBen updates are on hold, but GBG updates will increase quite a bit.  I’ll be updating GBG 3 times a week, and each update will be at least 6 panels.  See, since I don’t have to worry about the other comic for a while, and can get much more done on this one.  And then when I finish this one, I can focus all my attention on FanBen which will hopefully make it that much better.  Whoo.  Anyway, the larger GBG updates will start Friday.

Gold and Blue and Gray

BTW, the website is being weird today and I can’t seem to update these on there, so just enjoy them here on the blog for now.

Fantastic Benefits

Well that wraps this shit up.  I guess I’ll be going for a GBG update on Tuesdays, Fridays, and a weekend update.  If the weekend one is missed for whatever reason, there will be a double-update Tuesday.  I say update a lot.

P.S.  I just got this book at my local comics shop

It’s some good shit.  And the author got the funds to self-publish from the Xeric grant, which I’ll be trying for eventually.  Here’s his website:  http://larsmartinson.com/



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