Vegetarians and Vegans Make Me Sick

As promised, since I didn’t update over the weekend, here’s the double update:

Gold and Blue and Gray

I just have to get something off my chest.  I’ve got this vegetarian friend who recently told me he’s slowly turning it over to full-on vegan.  Now, I understand where he’s coming from with the vegetarian thing.  Don’t eat meat, don’t wanna kill animals, it’s cruel, inhumane, only bastards do it, blah blah blah.  Sure.  Vegan though?  Come on!  I mean chickens and cows aren’t hurt like, at all from getting eggs and milk from them.  Cutting those things out is just stupid.

And I’m sorry, but how can you say you won’t drink a cow’s milk?  I mean is it wrong for a baby to drink her mother’s milk?  Am I right?  And then my friend came back and was all “that doesn’t even make sense.  A cow has to be impregnated and we harvest the milk.  It’s sick.  A cow’s milk is meant for the cow’s baby.”  And I’m all like, yeah, but there’s so much of it it sure doesn’t hurt to take a little for ourselves!  And by the way, I think it’s wrong to suggest that animals shouldn’t reproduce just because you don’t think harvesting its milk is right!  We don’t go around not letting children reproduce just because there’s child cruelty in the world!  There would be no children!

And lastly, I’m pretty sure God:

intended for us to use animals for our benefit.  Vegetarians and vegans are unnatural and unhealthy.  They get sick more often, and there’s things you get from meat and shit that you just can’t get other places.

Anyway.  I’m really hoping I can get his leather couch.  That’s really the only upside here.


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