That Production was Brought To You By ‘Assholes’

Yesterday was a one man performance by me imitating a lovely person with whom I had a conversation.  Now I know there are some people out there who still don’t *get* that Stephen Colbert is doing a character whose opinions are obviously the opposite of his own.  See that’s what I was going for.  Because I actually am a vegetarian slowly making his way towards veganism and all.

Oh by the way, I had an opportunity to go ahead and post so this is tomorrow’s update right here.  I was going to do a nifty little excerpt from my autobiography but am still reeling from this idiotic conversation I had.  No offense to meat-eaters I guess.  There was one main gripe I had about this person with whom I was speaking’s opinion.  They kept, over and over I might add, repeating that really our argument about vegetarianism was meaningless.  They kept comparing it to them not eating carbs and going on about the more important things like church. 

I’m not a Christian so the irony of me considering church to not have much value as far as the little details is quite clear (see, it’s the same as this person not considering vegetarianism important).  But I can’t help but consider my ism to be much more important than their ism (christianityism?).  Why?  Because there’s is all about God.  Sure.  That’s all fine and dandy, but that’s all about some mystical being you can’t see or whatever and things that are either far in the past or things that will happen someday (to any angry Christians out there, I understand your anger.  To tell the truth I was raised in the church and believed in it wholeheartedly for most of my life.  So for someone to disregard it seems ludicrous when you really believe it’s the most important thing in the world.  But I don’t believe that anymore.  So that’s where I’m coming from you see).

My point is that for this person to consider church important and vegetarianism on about the same level as a low-carb diet is ludicrous.  Because living creatures are tortured and killed daily in massive quantities.  That’s not a bleeding-heart overly-dramatic statement.  That’s just fact.  When I say tortured it means they’re kept in horrible conditions and maimed and stripped of body parts while being kept alive with no anesthetic, and killed is obvious.  Statements like I could never give up meat and look I just don’t care seem perfectly reasonable to someone who has never given it much thought.  But ludicrous if you’ve ever felt empathy and happen to apply it to a living creature that isn’t your dog. 

This was way too long and overly-preachy.


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