Haha, hehe…hmph…pt 2

aaand here:

Gold and Blue and Gray

And yes, that is a gangsta rap by the Spanish Inquisition.  Now that we’re good and caught up we can get back to business.  Namely, the very important and serious business of….kkssshhhhh…ssshhhh..whhiiirrrr (feedback, static)…

…kkssshhhh…hello?…hello, is this…kkssshhhhh…this is the leader of the Ant Empire.  You are being deceived by the vile Grasshoppers. They are not the chosen race.  Not by a long shot.  WE ARE!!!!!!  You people, you must decide.  Soon Monteclaire will jack into this frequency and feed you false information.  He is still under the Grasshoppers’ control!  Do not be taken in!..kkssshhhhh….Decide or die!



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