I’ve Got Crow Quill Fever

I still suck with this new pen.  But.  From the few pretty good lines I manage on the page I can see clearly that it looks better than what I’ve been doing.  So…I don’t know.  Basically I might have to eventually go back and redo the pages I’ve already done.  It’s a bitch, but it could be worth it.  I need much more practice though.  I’m going to start using the pen on the pages I’ve already sketched out.  I’ll probably destroy them and have to do them over and over, but again, I think it’ll be worth it.

Gold and Blue and Gray

I don’t know about this rap though.  I think I did pretty well on it the first time.  Ah who am I kidding.  I’m just scared of all the hard work.  But I’m gonna do it.  Anyway, I……kkssssshhhhh……ssshhhh….(static and feedback and whatnot)..

ssshhhhh….Monteclaire here.  There should be less static this week as I have a direct connection now.  How’d I get a direct connection?  Uh….um, nevermind.  I just did, okay?  Listen, I’ve got lots of new inside information on the Ant takeover.  They have…what?  What do I mean “Ant”takeover?  Well…I was wrong about the Grasshoppers is all.  They are all peace-loving and….no, I don’t think I’m being contradictory.  Hey, how about you stop interrupting me and I get on with this, huh?  I’ve got a lot to say and a short span of time in which to say it.

Now, like I said a while back, I traveled through a portal in a giant condom billboard to the distant past when Jesus was born.  But what you didn’t hear was that this Jesus isn’t the Jesus you’re thinking about.

what you’re thinking about ^

You see, the name Jesus was actually really common back then.  It was like….Bob or…Isabald today.  Everybody’s got those names.  So what’s the big deal about this Jesus that I met being born?  Nothing really.  It was just a good way of letting you know about what time period I was in.  Don’t take everything so literally.  Jeez.  Anyway, I awoke with a start on top of a sandy dune in the desert.  I was sure I was going to die.  There was nothing in sight for miles in any direction.

Just then, a car went driving by.  Yes.  A car.  And who was driving?  Gloria.  That little bastard.  You remember that “vacation” he went on some time ago to the desert?  And then he came back smelling of booze and acting like he was just on a drug binge in someone’s back yard for a few weeks?

the picture from Gloria’s vacation in the 80’s ^  (he returned there on this last vacation)

I know this is all a bit much to take in all at once, so I’ll let that sink in for now.  Just remember:

Gloria wasn’t on a vacation when all that took place.  He was IN THE PAST!!!…kkssshhhhhh



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