God’s Motorcycle

…….kkssshhhh…..So as I was saying Gloria drove past and he had three people with him.  I couldn’t see their faces but they were all wearing panda bear costumes.

I knew, toting those panda bears, where he must be headed.  You see off on the horizon you could just make out a giant bamboo stalk (obviously crudely sculpted, but I’m guessing the pandas didn’t know that).  The only problem was that I had no way of catching up to them.  That is until I got a little help from someone you might know:

God!  That’s right.  God landed right next to me with a *thud*.  I said “God?  I didn’t expect you here.”  And he, suprisingly enough, said to me: “Neither did I.  I don’t know what you’ve heard, but the truth is-” ZZZZZIIIIIIIIIP!  That’s all God got to say before an arrow came out of nowhere and pierced him right through the throat!

arrow ^

At this point I’m freaking out.  Than I heard a low rumbling and ran over the dune to my left to find God’s motorcycle, still running.

I got on that thing and blasted off (it flew) toward the giant bamboo thing. And you won’t even believe what happened next….kksssshhhh…….



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