Wi-Fi? Part Two

There was a loud THUNK as the football connected with his face.  I watched in horror as his head lifted into the air like a launched missile, his body still standing on the ground with party streamers flying from its neck-hole.  I swooned at the site and passed out, and the last image I could see before everything went black was the massive clown shoes clopping toward me…

excerpt: Gold and Blue and Gray, chapter 23
I’ve been working with the Hunt 102 crow quill.  I’m getting better but I think I need a different size.  Like a Hunt 107 or something.  See I draw these comics on a 8.5 X 11 paper folded in half.  So I’m drawing it pretty small.  And I decided after trying to shade in a black guy’s skin (the lines were a tad too thick) that I should try a smaller size.  There’s a few more pages worth of comics before I get to the crow quill pages.  So the story will start stuttering a bit, but I think comparing improvements in the line quality will be kind of interesting.  And there’ll always be weird shit to read under the panels too.



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