Wi-Fi? Part Three

When I awoke once more, I was strapped to a chair in a dark tunnel, apparently underground.  I called for somebody.  Anybody.  I called and called as my voice echoed back and forth.  It felt like hours passed before I ever received a response.  When it came, it came in the form of a small, squeaky voice from below me.

“Hello?  Is…is someone there?”

I jumped at the voice that came from below my chair.

“Who is that?”  I said, shaking.

“My name’s George.  The clowns dragged me down here…I’m not sure.  I think a few weeks ago.  Maybe a month.” he said back, sounding grateful to be speaking to anyone.

“Who..what…why are you here?”  I asked.

“Well…I was having a birthday party.  We had a guest clown who performed all sorts of neat tricks.  We were all in the front yard and I went around back to get the football.  And when I picked it up, I noticed the clown smiling at me from behind the sheets hanging on the clothesline.  The last thing I remember is him running towards me cackling with razor sharp teeth and glowing red eyes…”

Excerpt, Gold and Blue and Gay: Chapter 23


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