Wi-Fi? Part Four

Suddenly the small voice was silenced.  I called out to him several times receiving my own echoing voice in return.  I began to call out once more but stopped when I heard grunting below me.  Then a massive THUMP.  Then what sounded like a sopping-wet bag dragging across a cold-stone floor.  The footsteps and dragging continued below the floor.  Then up what sounded like steps.  Then stopped behind me.  I turned my head just as something whacked it with a heavy object.  I was out again.

I woke up in a bed.  It was in a fairly decent room.  Actually, it kind of looked like a little girl’s room.  The top of a head was slowly lifting from behind the end of the bed at my feet.  It was a head full of brown hair.  Then I noticed the skin on this person’s face was a sickly, pale green.  Deep cuts smeared with dried blood were all over the forehead.  Then the eyes peered over the comforter at me.  Disgusting brown/yellow eyes with milky pupils.

Her face rose completely into view and I could see a terrifying little girl’s face smiling at me with rotting yellow teeth and thin skin stretched ragged over her skull.  Her whole body lifted into the air and she started moaning with a deep, guttural voice.  Then her head flung forward and she let out a loud CHOOO!  and watery, puke-green liquid splashed all over me.  As she plopped back down to the floor sniffling I wiped the goo from my eyes and said  “Gesundheit.”

Excerpt, “Gold and Blue and Gay”: Chapter 23



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