Wi-Fi? Part Five

I apologize for missing the Friday update.  The “WI-FI?” series will continue this week starting Tuesday and ending Friday.  I’ve been practicing with the Hunt 102 crow quill pen nib.  I’m getting much better controlling the lines and working with curves and circles (you have to pull the pen toward you and it’s quite difficult if you’re not used to it.)

But I came to the conclusion to use a different Hunt pen nib.  See, I draw this comic pretty small.  I just fold an 8.5 X11 piece of paper in half.  The problem was that the 102 didn’t make lines thin enough.  So I ordered and tried out the hunt 10..8 I think.  It makes a smaller line and is firmer.  So the line variance isn’t as great but the control is greater when I’m drawing at this size.  I’ll double-update the comic Tuesday to make up for the missing post Friday.



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