Wi-Fi? Part Six

I want this autobiography to be completely factual.  And it can’t be factual if I write things that I don’t remember.  So you’ll just have to trust me on this.  I have absolutely no idea how I ended up in bed with a clown.  I mean the last thing I remember before that moment was the demon-possessed girl sneezing on me.  Then it’s all a blur.  And then I wake up in a different bed.  And next to me is…well…the clown of my dreams.

His face, covered in white makeup, subtle touches of dark blue marks accentuating his rugged comedic features.  His hair, just a glimpse of one SONIC ORANGE curl of hair, for the rest was hidden in a strange yet strangely enticing black bonnet he wore on his head.  He was stretched out on the bed.  Not one piece of clothing or strand of hair existed on what I immediately recognized as probably the perfect male body.

^Not even close

His scary smile and strong chin led my eyes down to this lean, cut torso.  The rest of his body was as white as his face.  I couldn’t tell if it was makeup or natural but I hardly cared.  My eyes lingered for a bit on his chesticles (with more blue paint  encircling each of his nipples) and down his rippling abs and cute belly button…but my breath was taken away by the sight of the size and sheer power I could feel emanating from the stark white and blue cock between his muscled thighs.  It seemed to watch me wherever I moved like one of those paintings with the eyes facing forward.  And I knew I was in love.

Excerpt, “Gold and Blue and Gay”: Chapter 23



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