Taking Title Suggestions

It’s going to suck having to redo all these strips with a crow quill.  I have to rethink my crosshatching as well.  I think I could learn a thing or two from Lars Martinson.  Here’s an example of his work for posterity’s sake:

Example panel from “Tonoharu Part II.”  Taken from his blog at Larsmartinson.com

The mostly parallel lines and straight up horizontal and vertical lines crisscrossing seems to work well.  I’ll be trying that out.  The “Wi-Fi” series will be continuing indefinitely.  Not every day, mind you.  Just every now and then.  Basically it will be taking over the “Gold and Blue and Gay” excerpts for a while.  (and it’s not because I randomly titled it “Wi-Fi?” and haven’t as of yet thought of how I’ll get that title to make sense.) Readership has dropped off quite a bit, by the way.  The statistics don’t include people reading stuff from Google Reader (which Female does all the time) so I can’t really tell who’s reading from there.

Two friends of mine have declared that they will be making a documentary about religion, atheism, the occult, and amateur pro wrestling set in Spartanburg South Carolina.  That is if one of them can get his act together and make some time to actually film something.  One sequence requires them to drive around Spartanburg and try and get drive-by-film of nearly every christian church building they can find.  So I’ll be combing over Google Maps searching for the fastest and most efficient ways to get from one building to the next.  Then I thought ah fuck it, they can just pick sections of town and drive down the streets (there are innumerable church buildings around here).  They are up for suggestions of documentary titles as well.



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