Occult, Pagan, Witchcraft, Demonology, and PDF files

^that’s right.  Finally bringing it back to what happened in the prologue

My biggest fear is that by the end of Chapter One (which isn’t that far away) you still won’t know what’s going on in this comic.  Well, not that you won’t know what’s going on exactly, but that what has already happened doesn’t tie together for you.  To me, from what I’ve written, it all ties together rather nicely and you should start to kind of get the picture of what’s going on.  Like a hazy, gray area of a picture, but a recognizable picture nonetheless.

I’ve been researching modern pagan witchcraft and the occult and searching for fairly easy means by which to summon a demon.  It’s all part of the documentary, see?  Have I mentioned this already?  Well Kyle and I approach the subject of religion secularly (is that a word?).  Basically we don’t think God exists.  The best way I can imagine to prove, or if not prove, than show some evidence that something is ‘going on behind the scenes,’ if you know what I mean, is to make some sort of contact with a demon or ghost.  From what I’ve seen/heard/read, God doesn’t answer people directly.  But the demons and ghosts sure as hell (no pun) try.  So we wanted to try and scare up some nasty spirits.

Problem is I feel kind of douchey just grabbing a silly-sounding demonic ritual from the internet (which I have done) and trying it with no idea of the history behind it all.  So I’m almost halfway through the book “The Triumph of the Moon: A history of modern Pagan Witchcraft” and bought “The History of Witchcraft and Demonology” by Montague Summers, who was apparently a crazy Catholic priest who also knew a shit ton of occult stuff.  Oh, and since I’m only guessing the internet ritual probably won’t work, I’ve discovered through rigorous Amazon.com searches that the best source of actual pagan rituals is the book “Three Books of Occult Philosophy” by Henry Cornelius Agrippa.  I could buy that as well but I happened to stumble on a completely free PDF file of it.  Sooo…I don’t know.  Anyways.  I’ll let you know if Kyle or I are possessed any time soon.  This was Friday’s update.  I’ll update over the weekend or do a big one Tuesday detailing my mosque experience.



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  1. Witchcraft Supplies You’ll Need…


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  3. I read about your “excursion”,,look,, you don’t believe in a superior enity,sad, if u believe in devils, they were angels,,ok rebellion get to you too,, do you believe in Love , devils simply rebell and torement , mislead, troublemakers to massage their own aim, u see you are the image of the superior enity,,natrually u’r hated, u are the sign of love , do more research b4 a demon gets u

  4. read and research the Bible in the Hebrew and Greek first to better understand this , thats the problem ,,ok

  5. I still am trying to understand various problems ridding demons,,I have learned they hate extreme light,, and olive oil symbols of their judgement.

    • good tips. I haven’t actually attempted to summon a demon yet. I think I will for the comic, because it would be some comedic relief. As far as I can tell, demons as well as angels and gods don’t exist, so nothing will actually happen. I’ll let you know though.

  6. A sage named Osho in ‘The Book of Secrets’ states that when one becomes a master of themselves then all others around become slaves. As Buddha told his disciples when he was dying, “It is good that I go. Then you will be free of my domination.” But he was not trying to dominate others. When you become master of ‘yourself’ then all around become slaves. But there is no attempt to dominate others. Master your mind, emotions, body, etc. Yoga in the far east teaches this as do the Hindus, and Buddhists. If you master yourself enough, then the demons might leave you alone. (Or get jealous and attack you more.)

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